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Nat Newton - Station Manager - Programmer/Music Director - Studio Engineer - The Boss

Still attempting to complete a BA at Victoria University of Wellington, Nat thought what better way to procrastinate than help 'run' a radio station. Hopes to complete his BA by 2012ish.

Richard Matthews - Lead Web Developer

Mike Pohatu - IT Geek

Although Mike is a computer geek he's still a great guy, and is cool enough to be a surfer and windsurfer and plays the guitar better than Bright Eyes. If you ever meet him, ask him to do his Bee Gees impersonation, it's pretty fine.

Mark Hudson and Phil Young - Radio Engineers

These two guys are radio legends from way back. They can scale any building to put up an aerial and occasionally send us e-mails about 'the predicted horizontal pattern for our dipole', whatever that means...

Shane Fairhall - Designer

Shane makes things look cool... what more can I say, he's got the Midas touch.

Mark Johnson - Chaplain at AngChap Victory University - Senior Manager

Mark is like our Yoda from Star Wars, feed off his wisdom for guidance spiritual we do, mmmm. He also keeps the whole ship in check. (The Real Boss).

Declan Doherty-Ramsay - Events Manager - Web Help

Declan loves to organise things! He's good at it too. Also terribly handy with IT stuff. Yeah Declan!