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The Ramsey House of Blues Show

Every Saturday evening Human FM & the Ramsey House administer a weekly dose of Rhythm and Blues 8 till midnight

It's been said that rock, pop, country, jazz and R&B are just branches of a tree whose roots are buried deep in the mud of the every modern blues song that you hear.

The Ramsey House of Blues Show covers the entire history of the blues from 1920 to the present, from the best-known to the most obscure blues, with an eye both on the rich history of this music and its current vitality. Every Saturday evening Human FM administers a weekly dose of Rhythm and Blues, combining classics, new releases, specially recorded sessions, and the occasional interview.....with poetic interpretations and prose.

Poets Corner

Tuesday through Thursdays from 1pm till 2pm

Featuring Poetry from around the world and Human FM's own 'Blah Blah Blah' open-mic nights this is a very unique show. Poets Corner pays homage to the roots of Human FM which began almost a year after the already successful 'Blah Blah Blah' open-mic night had been established. In keeping with the raw unedited flavour of the show, the producer (and manager of Human FM), Nat throws in some of the live acoustic music recorded by Human FM and also a selection of old-school jazz just to spice up the mix. This show is challenging, entertaining and as raw as freshly butchered and rolled rib-roast. 'If it's meat? Then it's definitely home kill' says Joel, the previous manager 'you won't find a show as raw as this anywhere else in the world... it's intimate, it's roudy, it's best listened to while alone in your room'.

Tune in every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 1pm till 2 for Poets Corner.

If you know of other good recorded material please contact us via the contact page