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The Experiential Radio Show

Sunday evenings from 10.30 till late late late!

The Experiential Radio Show is back! Late Sunday Night

Described by its creators as 'A live-to-air auditory excursion through the soundscapes of space-time'. This is totally original radio show that creates noises that you have never heard before. Mostyn and Dean will hypnotise you with unbelievable montage of loops, children's toys, extra-terrestrial voices, primordial groans, and spontaneous conversation. Come with a clean slate, a blank canvas, an empty hard-drive and be filled anew... with the Experiential Show, almost every Sunday evening from roughly 10.30pm till whenever.

The Sunday Morning Maranatha Gospel Show

Gospel Music to set your soul free & alive on Sunday Mornings 8AM-Noon

Maranatha is an Aramaic phrase occurring once only in the New Testament and translates as: "Come, O Lord".

This show is a mixture of Traditional/Contemporary/Alternative/Modern Christian & Gospel Music, from artists all around the world....with poetic interpretations and prose.

"The most original and diverse gospel show on the air." - Reverend Aquaman

So come join and join the congregation, Sunday Mornings from 8AM-Noon and alight yo' soul wit' some of dat Holy Spirit!!!!!!! ...can I have an Amen-nah?!?!?

The Badeos Indie Show

Every Wednesday evenings from 7 till 9pm

Baden brings you the very best of indie pop and rock, with the help of the Wellington City Library and the magical powers of the internet.