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Monday 6 to 8

Don't get a case of the Mondays! Join Gabby from 6-8pm Mondays. There'll be tasty music for the ears and banter as food for the mind! Keep an ear out for be the occasional special guest who'll impart their wisdom and keep Gabby from going crazy. Listen in, you know you want to.

The Aural Equivalent of Having Friends

Thursdays from 2

Have you ever wished you had friends? Have you ever wondered what two of the stupidest students on campus talking together sounds like? Well it's time for you to listen to Ben and Robbie Ben is an aspiring actor/film-maker/screenwriter/person of average IQ, while Robbie once held his head underwater for 25 minutes and was declared legally dead. Tune in to hear good music, opinionated discussions and experience having friends.. only aurally.

Select Committee Report

Mondays from 3, roughly 5 - 15 minutes

Thanks to Parliament's internal media group we are now able to bring you up to speed on all the goings on in select committees in the past week. Let people how politically fine-tuned you are. The Select Committee Report gives you great nuggets to use at parties that have no booze or chicks. From 3PM on Mondays.

Please note, that due to Parliament's calender, this show will not air every Monday, just most Mondays. Cheers.